Pursuers trail . . . by 1,573


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. -- Outfielder Steve Finley frequently was injured when he played for the Orioles, but he's one of three Houston Astros who now share the second-longest consecutive game streak in the major leagues.

Cal Ripken need not worry.

Finley, Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell have played only 162 straight games.

Ripken has played more than 10 times that many, a total of 1,735. He's 395 shy of Lou Gehrig's all-time record of 2,130, which he could break in mid-1995.

Ripken has started every game of his streak. Last season, Finley, Biggio and Bagwell did not even start all of Houston's games.

More on the streak:

Ripken played the first 27 games at third base, but, since then, has been used exclusively at shortstop. During that time, the other 25 major-league clubs have used a combined total of 418 starting shortstops (285 different players).

The list starts with Rick Adams and ends with Paul Zuvella.

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