What's in a name? Maybe a button


"Roscoe is not a 'normal name.' "

Several Carroll Democrats, offended by 6th District Republican Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett's remark about scholarship recipients who don't have "normal names," chose to reply with humor.

The medium for their message: a campaign-style button in green and black, bearing the quote above and a caricature of Congressman Bartlett.

Mr. Bartlett asked at the March 3 Maryland congressional delegation's annual meeting why so many Westinghouse Science Talent Search scholarships went to Asians and Middle Easterners instead of people with "normal names."

"It was just a fun gesture," said Corynne B. Courpas, vice president of the Carroll County Democratic Club. Having already felt the sting of some Democrats' complaints that the button was negative, Ms. Courpas hastened to emphasize that it was unofficial.

Mr. Bartlett apologized March 10, in the face of outrage among Asian-American community leaders.

A spokesman for Mr. Bartlett said the congressman would have no comment about the buttons yesterday.

Ms. Courpas said the group ordered 75 buttons and is selling them at $1 apiece. She said profits will be donated to a cause, probably the county Democratic club.

She estimated that about 30 buttons were sold at the annual Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner Friday.

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