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SAMUEL F. CHAMELIN, 10, son of Martin...


SAMUEL F. CHAMELIN, 10, son of Martin and Ruth Chamelin of Bachmans Valley Road.

School: Fifth-grader at Charles Carroll Elementary School.

Honored for: Winning the essay contest sponsored by the William Winchester chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The theme was "Landmarks in the American Revolution." Sam's essay was on the winter George Washington and his troops spent at Valley Forge, Pa.

Sam has been active in 4-H for three years, showing goats and entering vegetables he has grown, and toys and games he has created.

Goals: "I'd like to be a geologist or a baseball player."

Comments: "I like to study the American Revolution every once in a while. I didn't know that much about Valley Forge, so I decided I would like to learn something about it."

Sam said that although Washington and his troops didn't fight a battle at Valley Forge, the severe conditions during the winter of 1777-1778 made it seem like one.

"He didn't have many clothes, his troops were all sick. They didn't have any food," Sam said.

"They were there because Washington wanted to spend the winter at Philadelphia, but the British captured Philadelphia, so they couldn't find any other place to stay but [Valley Forge]."

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