A New Spa, A Splashier Pool


The owners of a 30-year-old pool in Baltimore County had a simple request for Dave Thompson of Foxborough Nursery Inc. in Street. Design a year-round spa next to the pool and put a garden around it.

Mr. Thompson consulted with John McDade of B & J Pools Inc. in Cockeysville, and they, together with the pool's owners, agreed that the pool desperately needed a make-over. So what began as a simple plan to build a spa grew to include a major

refurbishing of the pool. It was treated to a total redesign and updating that included new steps, underwater benches, and maintenance and heating systems. The aesthetic style of the pool also was altered significantly. Thanks in part to extensive terracing, water spills into the pool on one end from a rock waterfall, and cascades out of it and into a lower-level rock garden on the other.

To add to the natural look and soften the new bluestone terracing, plantings were placed around the pool and new spa,

which the owners are happily using year-round.

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