Clever design shields pool from prying eyes A Suburban Hideaway


A corner location in a neighborhood across the street from a school is not an ideal site for a swimming pool. But because the owners loved the suburban area and wanted to stay, when they decided to have a pool built they asked architect John Patrick Chalk to create an oasis shielded from prying eyes.

Mr. Chalk designed a contemporary-style pool house that incorporates an exercise room, bar and dressing areas, bathroom and outdoor shower. He placed the pool house in an L-formation from the existing house. This effectively blocked the street-side view and created an enclosed courtyard into which the pool was placed.

At the same time, the configuration of pool, pool house and house work together conveniently. For instance, the entry into the pool house is immediately adjacent to the pool stairs, while the attached spa at the opposite corner is steps from the owners' bedroom, and a barbecue pit is adjacent to the kitchen and pool deck.

The gas-heated pool, built by Pleasure Pools, is 25 feet wide by 60 feet long and features an additional 9-foot-deep circular diving well that juts 20 feet out from the main pool and creates an DTC L-shape. Attached to the pool is an octagonal-shaped spa with its own heating and jet system. A concrete deck designed for entertaining is a generous 1,800 square feet. What might have been a monotonous stretch of concrete is made visually interesting with redwood deck dividers.

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