A Chemical-Free Pool


Have a pool that you'd like to break of its chemical-dependency? This Howard County gunite model by Maryland Pools is one of the first in the area to use a computer program designed to keep pools chemical-free. The program is similar to, yet simpler than, the ones used by Smart House computer systems to start your dinner for you or turn on your lights.

The program regulates an ionization system that electronically feeds copper and silver ions into the water. These harmless ions, rather than chlorine or other chemicals, discourage algae and bacteria growth, and keep the water crystal-clear without damage to eyes, skin or hair. The cost to convert an existing pool to an ionization system is approximately $1,500.

The owner of this pool, once a college diver, is so passionate about the sport that he had a professional diving board installed. The board is 15 feet long and is set upon an adjustable fulcrum. A 60-foot, tile-marked lane makes it a perfect lap pool, yet there is more than enough room for play at the pool's sides.

Superior stonework, combined with stamped concrete decking, gives the pool area the appearance of ancient ruins. A contemporary fence is fashioned of acrylic, with cedar posts and rails.

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