From The Sun March 21-27, 1843March 23:...


From The Sun March 21-27, 1843

March 23: The cars from Frederick were detained yesterday about an hour, in consequence of the locomotive and tender being thrown off the track near Sikesville caused by a stick of XTC wood falling on the rail from the tender. Fortunately no one was injured.

March 25: The wife and five children of a free colored man, named Buck, residing in Caroline Street, were yesterday arrested and brought before Judge Leypold. The cause of the arrest was an allegation that the mother and children are the slaves of a Mr. Sullivan of Annapolis from whose service it is said the former absconded twelve years ago.

.' From The Sun March 21-27, 1893

March 25: The census of Curtis Bay, Anne Arundel County, was taken yesterday. There are 1,179 persons living within the limits of the town and occupying 182 houses.

March 27: The Mayor has requested the police commissioners to rigidly enforce the new ordinance which prohibits the throwing of rubbish on the streets.

.' From The Sun March 21-27, 1943

March 21: First Lieutenant Kenneth McCord, of Baltimore, is one of sixty United States soldiers awarded the Croix de Guerre for meritorious conduct in fighting alongside the French on the Tunisian front.

March 23: Sales of tickets to baseball games, sports centers, theaters, concerts and entertainment would be permitted at noon on Sundays instead of 1 p.m. under the terms of an ordinance passed last night by the City Council.

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