Set sail for romance, excitement Pair to share experiences of trips to exotic locales


Cruising sailors and adventurers with a yen for the romance and excitement of far-off places can get a taste of the dream this week at a multi-media show and lecture by John Neal and Barbara Marrett.

The pair of author-adventurers will be at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts at Constitution and Greenfield streets in Annapolis on Thursday at 7 p.m. to present "Cannibals to Caviar."

A part of the West Marine winter seminar series, Neal's and Marrett's presentation will cover their experiences sailing from New Zealand to remote anchorages and villages in Fiji and Vanuatu, and on to New Caledonia, a more sophisticated spot often called the "Paris of the Pacific."

They also will offer a practical look at preparing a sailboat for long-distance ocean voyaging and self-sufficiency, discuss the latest electronics and equipment and share the color and excitement of their trips.

Advance ticket purchases for this event are recommended. Tickets are $8 in advance, or $10 at the door, and are available either in advance at West Marine, 111 Hillsmere Drive in Bay Ridge Plaza in Annapolis, or at Maryland Hall on Thursday evening.

For more information, phone (800) 538-0775, or call the local West Marine store at (410) 268-0129.

Coast Guard stickers needed

With spring fever growing, it is a good time to make sure that both Maryland Department of Natural Resources registrations/stickers and Coast Guard stickers are in order for the 1993 season before heading onto the water.

Although the unpopular and controversial Coast Guard stickers are being phased out, they are needed for this year.

They can be ordered by calling (800) 848-2100 and can be charged to a major credit card.

DNR boat registration renewals were mailed out in December, so if you haven't returned your renewal, dig through your desk and find the form. You must have your 1993 stickers in place before your first sail.

Renew CBYRA memberships

With the start of racing season next month and the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association's Green Book at the printer, it's time for those who haven't renewed their memberships to do so and for new racers to join.

CBYRA, which had more than 75 member clubs and 50-plus classes of racing sailboats and more than 1,700 members last year, is the fourth largest yacht racing association in the U.S. Sailing national network.

As the regional governing body for sail racing, CBYRA performs a number of important functions for its members. It oversees race scheduling and management, plays a support role in the fields of standard measurement and rules systems, High Point scoring and the provision of awards for class excellence.

CBYRA also provides valuable information through its publication of the annual Yearbook, Green Book for handicap and cruising one-design

sailors, Blue Book for one-design competitors, and its newsletter, The Traveler.

It also assists in the development of junior sailors and national and Olympic hopefuls, and provides race-management training to clubs.

CBYRA operates solely on membership dues and needs the support of the people it is intended to assist -- racing sailors who participate in local and regional events on the Chesapeake Bay.

Renewal forms went out in December, and the number of returns for individual and family members is relatively low, said CBYRA's executive assistant Amy Chalmers.

The Green Book for cruising one-design and handicap sailors should be in the mail the first week of April to those who order it with their renewals before that time, Chalmers said. The Blue Book for one-design sailors is still in pre-press production, she said.

Chalmers said that only those who renew before April 1 can be listed in the 1993 Yearbook.

Dues remain at 1992 levels of $25 for adult members, $10 for racing junior memberships, $35 for family memberships, and $15 for associate members.

Chalmers suggested that renewing and new members take advantage of the Golden Anchor program, in which CBYRA members may join or renew their memberships in U.S. Sailing, the national governing authority, at discount rates through CBYRA.

Fifty-one percent of CBYRA members also must be U.S. Sailing members for CBYRA to retain its Golden Anchor status. CBYRA earns credits with U.S. Sailing for each new or renewing U.S. Sailing member who joins through CBYRA.

For more information on joining CBYRA, or to renew for 1993, contact CBYRA, 612 Third St., Suite 201, Annapolis, Md. 21403, or call (410) 269-1194.

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