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This game is right up President's alley


The newly elected President of the United States regularly uses the pair of lanes that former President Richard Nixon had installed in the White House.

"Yes, he uses the bowling alley," said Ernie Gibble, a regional press aide at the White House. "He likes to bowl."

The president even has a bowling shirt, although it's unclear how often-- if ever -- he wears it while filling some frames on the White House lanes.

Gibble says President Clinton mainly bowls with his daughter, Chelsea, and with some friends to relax.

And, no, the president didn't bowl with Nixon, when the former president visited the White House recently, Gibble said.

Hillary, by contrast, doesn't bowl.

And the president's bowling average?

"That's top secret," Gibble quipped.

The show must go on

Who says bowling's not a hardy sport?

When the worst blizzard in 10 years hit town last weekend, just about everything was closed or canceled.

The Bullets and Capitals games, church services and a host of other events were canceled.

But not bowling.

The Professional Bowlers Association stop in Baltimore went off without a hitch -- well, except for the local TV affiliate constantly breaking in to remind viewers that, yes, it was snowing, and, yes, more things were canceled.

Bel Air man cashes

Since going out on the winter Professional Bowlers Tour, Tim Criss of Bel Air has cashed in several tournaments.

But this week at the $170,000 Johnny Petraglia Open, Criss made his best finish yet.

He broke into the top 20, and finished 19th with a 222 average for 42 games.

In match play, he won more than he lost, finishing with a 13-11 record. His effort was good enough for a $2,000 payday.

Country Club honor scores

Brian Bever, bowling in the Baltimore Classic Scratch league, shot a 300 game and a 765 set last

week. Brian Hickey, in the WPOC league, also shot a 300 game and a 707 set.

Robby Lemerise rolled a 796 (290, 287, 219) set in the Baltimore Classic Scratch league, and Larry Nalls rolled a 774 (259, 247, 268).

Bill Sutherland shot a 298 game, Steve Wagner a 286 and Dave Fuellhart a 277 in the Thursday Nite Mixed league.

Steve Everly, John Lavender, Ken Dixon, Dennis Nukolczak and Don High shot 289 games.

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