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Westminster officials give up in battle over bricks


Westminster Mayor W. Benjamin Brown and City Council President William F. Haifley say they have dropped the brick issue for the new police headquarters and don't plan to raise it again.

The two elected officials have opposed a March 8 council decision to overlay the new Westminster police headquarters with white brick rather than red.

Staff research ordered by Mr. Haifley and Mr. Brown showed that white brick would cost about $150 more than comparable red brick, a difference of $5 per 1,000 bricks.

The total contract price to renovate the former Westminster Auto Parts store on Locust Avenue as a police headquarters is $745,082.

Mr. Brown said Friday that he decided to abandon the brick battle after polling council members and finding that they had no inclination to change their decision.

His lobbying efforts against the white brick included inviting council members to walk around town and look at assorted bricks and sending samples of brick to council members' homes.

"The council remains determined to use white bricks, and on a scale of one to 10 I don't think this [issue] comes up to a two," he said.

Mr. Haifley said that, although he had not polled the council, "According to what I hear, the council members won't listen to reason, so there's no use in my beating my head against the wall."

The council is scheduled to meet at 7 tomorrow night at City Hall.

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