Celebrity taste buds are not so different from ordinary folks'


Ready to test your knowledge of celebrity taste buds?

See if you can match these stars, who performed in the area

recently, with the food that local caterer John D'Anna served them.

1. Jon Bon Jovi

2. The Grateful Dead

3. Def Leppard

A. Froot Loops, bagels and raisin buns

B. Roasted turkey, mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie

C. Poached salmon in a pesto cream sauce

The answers: 1.(C) 2.(A) 3.(B)

If you missed a few, not to worry. Even Mr. D'Anna has trouble keeping it all straight, especially with musicians' odd eating habits and hours. The Grateful Dead crew, for example, requested breakfast at 3:30 a.m. before setting up for their Capital Centre show last week.

"You serve lots of coffee at that time of the morning," he says.

Nonperformers can now sample such dishes at the Allview Inn in Ellicott City, where Mr. D'Anna has taken over as general manager. On his new menu are celebrity favorites -- including Jon Bon Jovi's salmon. He's also spruced up the decor -- adding table linens, candles and flowers -- to what was once a roadside stand.

Coming soon to Fells Point: the much-anticipated M. Gettier Restaurant (formerly L'Auberge). Despite construction delays, chef-owner Michael Gettier says he'll be serving his "modern French" cuisine by mid-April. Look for an expanded second-floor dining room, a lounge and a renovated exterior.

He's also hired his staff, and some faces -- particularly maitre d' Scott Curran's -- will be familiar. Mr. Curran worked at L'Auberge for the last five years. Deciding on the sous-chef was a tougher call. Of the 30 applicants, Derek McKee, formerly of Chez Fernand, got the nod.

"He's like me," says Mr. Gettier. "We both have personal traumas over whether the beurre blanc is perfect."

As for the restaurant rumors that he bought the place for a bargain, he says they're not true.

"We got it at a good price," he says, declining to give numbers. "But I'm no real-estate restaurant tycoon."

Hasn't Kevin Bonner ever heard of a snow day?

That's the question Paolo's employees might have been asking themselves last Saturday when Mr. Bonner, general manager of the Harborplace restaurant, tooled around in his four-wheel drive vehicle picking them up for work. It took more than "the blizzard of the century" to keep his gang from serving tortellini and tapenade to the masses, even if he had to play host, assistant chef and dishwasher to do it. The diners were mostly stranded travelers and airline personnel who had been bused to area hotels. As a special promotion, anyone with a room key got hot buttered rum on the house.

Thanks to a little marketing savvy, namely balloons and "we're open" signs festooned outside the restaurant, Paolo's fed nearly 500 people that day -- and dried a few pairs of snow boots, too.

Congratulations to Larry and Lorraine Denmark of Lorraine's in Owings Mills, whose fruit tart pizza won the dessert grand prize in Pizza Festiva, an international competition sponsored by the National Association of Pizza Operators last month in Florida.

The dish -- made with tiramisu cream, whole wheat crust and kiwis, bananas and star fruit -- brought them $1,000 and the respect of other pros there.

Don't look for them to spend the cash calling Domino's, though.

Says Mr. Denmark, "I'm pizza-ed out!"

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