Raise for one draws ire


Stung when one secretary received a raise and promotion while the rest were told to wait, city workers in Annapolis have sent a petition to the mayor and aldermen expressing their dismay.

The March 12 memorandum, signed by 11 members of an "employee feedback committee," questions the fairness of awarding one secretary a raise while the others have been told to wait until the city reviews all job descriptions.

Annapolis Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins gave a Fire Department secretary a promotion without the City Council's approval last month. Several city aldermen promptly questioned the mayor's action and requested a legal opinion.

City Attorney Jonathan A. Hodgson agreed that secretary Pat Como's salary was increased because her position was reclassified, which requires council approval. The matter was then turned over to the council's Finance Committee.

Mr. Hopkins, while maintaining that he had not done anything wrong, promised to reimburse the city if the reclassification is denied. Meanwhile, the secretary still gets higher pay.

In their petition, the city workers point out that they did not receive a raise for two years during the recession. Now, they've been told to wait until consultants finish a report on all job descriptions.

"We believe that the proper procedures were not followed," the group wrote. "Morale among city employees is extremely low. We are hard-working, dedicated employees who ask only to be treated equally and fairly."

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