Cafe Sophie, opposite Grollman's General Store, Stevensville....


Cafe Sophie, opposite Grollman's General Store, Stevensville. (410) 643-8811. Think of Cafe Sophie as an alternative to the various fast food places and motel restaurants along U.S. 50. Just a few minutes' detour off the highway, it specializes in decent French country cooking -- nothing fancy, but you may find a croque monsieur more interesting than a Big Mac. Lunch is served Tuesdays to Sundays, dinner Fridays and Saturdays. $$ -- moderate. (Last reviewed 8/92.)

Pizzaria Uno, Towson Commons, 1 W. Pennsylvania Ave., (410) 825-8667. Pizza is the thing to order at Pizzaria Uno -- either the delicious, thick-crusted version with lots of filling or the thin-crusted variety if you're more of a traditionalist. You'll appreciate the fact that the staff tries hard to get you in and out in time for one of the eight movies in Towson Commons, but this isn't a bad place to eat even if you aren't going to the movies. But stick with the pizza. $ -- inexpensive. (Last reviewed 8/92.)


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