School board stays silent on pay proposal Administrators seek 7% raise


In the second week of talks with employee groups, the Carroll County school board still has not made a salary proposal.

Board representatives made proposals yesterday on issues other than pay, such as continuing current insurance language, in an initial meeting with the bargaining team for administrators and supervisors.

"You'll notice there is something missing," said Steve Guthrie, a personnel specialist who is representing the Board of Education in talks with administrators.

said he would come back with a salary proposal after reviewing the one from administrators, which asks for a 7 percent increase across the board.

The group also asked for one more step increase, one more longevity raise, and some additional pay for earning a doctorate and taking on extra night and weekend duty.

Robert Bruce, chief negotiator for the administrators and principal at Charles Carroll Elementary School, said the cost-of-living request is less than what he said was a 7.33 percent actual increase in the cost of living over the past two years.

No school employees have received cost-of-living raises over the past two years, although those who were eligible received increment raises.

The food service workers have also asked for a 7 percent increase. A proposal for a 6 percent increase came from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which represents custodians, maintenance workers and bus drivers and assistants.

Still to meet are the teachers -- on Monday -- and the group representing secretaries, teaching assistants and licensed practical nurses today. Initial talks with those two groups were delayed by weather.

William Hyde, assistant superintendent for administration, declined to say when the school board would make a proposal on salary.

"That's part of our negotiating strategy," Mr. Hyde said. "It is at the discretion of the chief negotiator when to choose to put that offer on the table."

Since 1987, Mr. Hyde said, the school board has negotiated uniform salary proposals with all five groups. Each group got the same percentage increase or, as in the past two years, no percentage increase.

Negotiators for the board have been telling employees that they would like to wrap up talks and tentatively agree to contracts by April 8, so they could prepare them for the board to conditionally approve on April 14.

The board will not ratify any contracts until after the county votes in May on whether to give the schools additional money to pay for a cost-of-living increase.

The increment increases are built into the 1993-1994 budget proposal of $118 million the schools have submitted to the county for approval.

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