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Fifth-graders' drawings of favorite things on display at library NORTH LAUREL/SAVAGE


Roberta Laric, the art instructor at Forest Ridge Elementary, has changed the display at the Savage Library this past week.

Gone are the self-portraits, the collages and the abstracts. They have been replaced by wax-resist drawings of favorite things by fifth-graders.

Alisha Aponte drew her room and a comfy chair. Miguel Montanez's favorite objects include skates, the mall and Hero Quest.

Kelly Jackson drew a Walkman, a football and a $100 bill. Claire Dwyer drew a TV, a troll doll and flowers. Matt Mcgigan's picture included Butterfinger candy bars, Sega and a football. Jermaine Tiongson drew his skates, his own phone book and an En Vogue compact disc.

Jonathan Siccardi's work is the most unusual. Superimposed on the word "Bomb" are assorted footballs, baseballs and bowling balls, plus a cartoon-like bomb, a stick of dynamite, and a Luger pistol.

First-graders Adrian Bellmont, Angela Pipitone and Tyler Greer also used a wax-resist technique but to make patterns, not representational art. Their neon-stripped works hang over the copy machine near the children's desk.

Fourth-graders George Scott and Aaron Burford used mixed media to depict violent strife. George's picture shows a battle between elephants and a bomber aided by a flying squirrel. Aaron's picture is of a battle in a burning landscape with a flaming man shooting an unseen opponent.

The second-graders have been working on collages. Their efforts are represented by Jeanne Mann and Benjamin Fan. Both students portrayed winter landscapes.


Mike Young of Columbia Improvisational theater has begun sending out the character packets for the live game "Who Slew Kate McGrew."

A live game is a cross between improvisational theater and a game of cops and robbers. Each player is assigned a role and goals to achieve using wit, alliances with other players and a bit of luck.

Columbia Improvisational provides the setting and the plot, in this case a murder in an artist's colony in 1952.

The weekend event is scheduled for April 16-18 at the Columbia Inn. Characters and roles are still available. Call Mike Young at (301) 621-6228 for details and other information.


Reid Koester answered librarian Laura Capano's call for collections to feature in the library's display case.

He has set up his Lego collection for a month, including three helicopters that he built.

If you have a collection you'd like to share and can bear to part with for a month, call Laura at (410) 880-5978.


I ran into Terry Tolliver at the fabric store. She's busy sewing costumes for the Savage United Methodist Church's Easter Performance.

She's making new angel robes, as this year the part will be played by a child instead of an adult. She's replacing Mary's and St. Peter's robes, too. Terry also runs Brownie Scout Troop 650. Does time work differently for some people, or do they just never sleep?

Terry's husband, James, is managing the lights for the performances.

Patti Lewis and Toni Vollmerhausen are also sewing costumes for this event. Pontius Pilate is getting silk robes with a velvet cape. So far this is shaping up to be a magnificent production.

Apparently our neighbors are going to be stars: WJZ (Channel 13) is going to broadcast part of the dress rehearsal live on the 6 p.m. news on March 26.

Tickets for the performances are free, but necessary. Call Sherri Vollmerhausen at (301) 725-8593 to reserve a place at any of the six performances.

There's a 2 p.m. matinee March 27 and a 7 p.m. show March 28. There are three performances on Palm Sunday weekend, at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on April 3, and at 7 p.m. on April 4. The final performance is April 10 at 2 p.m.

The evening performance on March 28 and the April 3 matinee will be interpreted for the deaf.

Call Sherri soon, tickets are going fast.


You need many skills to be a principal. But until two weeks ago I didn't know auto repair was one of them. Glenn Haisey, Bollman Bridge Elementary principal, helped harried mom Mindy Sperling tighten the battery connectors and jump start her car. All in a day's work.


Will your child enter kindergarten next year? Forest Ridge Elementary and Elkridge Elementary are both offering a full-day day-care program to complement the school curriculum for kindergarten students enrolled there.

The cost is $170 every two weeks. For more information, call the county Department of Parks and Recreation at (410) 313-2761.


Brian Emelson, who runs the recreation center at Forest Ridge Elementary, is particularly excited about the super skates Roller Hockey he's teaching at the center on four Saturdays beginning April 24.

Roller hockey was pretty popular when Brian taught it at the Columbia Association, so he hopes it will catch on here. Call him at (410) 880-5855 for more information.


The Freestate Happy Wanderers of Laurel, a Volks-marching association, sponsors a 10-kilometer walk this weekend in Downs Park in Pasadena.

Registration is free, but necessary. For more information, call Linda or Bill at (410) 437-2164 or Sandy at(301) 725-0918. Happy Trails!

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