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CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Fang Mitchell and his...


CONGRATULATIONS to Coach Fang Mitchell and his relatively inexperienced Coppin State College Eagles. They are competing with the teams from the universities of North Carolina, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and other such famous basketball factories starting today in the NCAA championship tournament.

Out of the hundreds of college basketball teams that just finished their regular seasons, only 64 qualified to play in the tournament.

It is quite an honor to get to what we like to think of as the Final Sixty-Four. Go, Eagles! Or shouldn't that be Soar, Eagles?

Also, Soar, Terps! The verb doesn't fit, but we're not going to use the more appropriate Crawl, Terps!

The women's basketball team of the University of Maryland at College Park had another fine season under the leadership of Coach Chris Weller; it is ceded second in its draw of the NCAA's top women's division. Come to think of, it "crawl" is not that bad a verb. As a very famous member of the tortoise family once demonstrated to the word -- "slow and steady wins the race."

Maryland almost had a third entry in the so-called March Madnesses of NCAA tournaments. Coach Terry Truax's Towson State Tigers were favored to win a birth in the men's event, but were upset in their conference tournament. Just a reminder to the under-dog Eagles and the Terp women (under-dog eagles and terrapins? We love sports lingo!) that anything can happen.

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