Dundalk jibe an insult to good citizens"Excuse...


Dundalk jibe an insult to good citizens

"Excuse these overhead slides, but Dundalk funded this."

My anger and hurt over this arrogant and snide remark still is unabated. Not only were these words uttered in public, but at a statewide mandatory meeting of professional care givers who are Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) instructors for the American Heart Association.

The speaker was a physician from Good Samaritan Hospital and thought the "joke" was pretty funny. What a slap in the face to the hard working citizens of Dundalk!

I wonder if Dr. David Strauss was aware that not only were "professional" people there who work and care for the people who live in Dundalk, but also live there happily as well, with no pretenses.

As for the funding crack, I wonder what all those banks, professional offices and occupied commercial retailers are thriving on? Obviously the large contingent of physicians along Merritt Boulevard and Wise and Holabird avenues aren't there due to the lack of "funding."

Maybe the Heritage celebration with the Fourth of July parade and fireworks has a rich uncle we were never told about.

Maybe donations for schools in this area fall out of the sky.

Maybe all the money and donated efforts for various fund-raisers like the Children's Miracle Network were all in our imaginations.

Maybe all the sports teams who are managed and coached many hours every week of the year for the children of the community have silent corporate partners.

Maybe Dr. David Strauss and the persons responsible for the AHA meeting should not be representative of a national organization.

I truly hope The Evening Sun, which has had lots of fun bashing Dundalk over the John Arnick incident, will print this, for once again the people who work two jobs to make ends meet or to put their children through school do not deserve to be publicly humiliated by those who seek to enhance their own position.

Jean Filleti


Schmoke's cars

I cannot believe that Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke would permit the city to squander $50,000 on two luxury cars for his personal comfort while thousands of Baltimoreans starve and are homeless.

No one questions the need for reasonable official transportation. But for Mayor Schmoke to argue that he needs two luxury cars because his current luxury model has 55,000 miles and cannot be efficiently maintained by his own city departments is just another example of Mayor Schmoke's failure to set appropriate priorities.

This selfish example of Mayor Schmoke's insensitivity is a slap in the face to everyone who must make do with less.

If this is really what Mayor Schmoke needs, Baltimore needs another mayor.

Lanny Schuster


Some nerve!

President Clinton has only been in office for one month and already the leaders of the Republican Party in the Congress are tripping over each other as they try to get to the nearest microphone to tell the American people that they have all the answers when it comes to reducing the deficit.

These are the same people, mind you, who were in these same leadership positions during the 12 years of Reagan-Bush, when the deficit quadrupled.

Talk about gall!

William B. Garrett


Same old waste

I didn't like or trust President Bush. I don't like or trust President Clinton. I regard Congress about the same way I regard night club comedians.

Nevertheless there is the opportunity for good work to come out of the confusion, if we demand it and refuse to accept the same old waste and ineffectiveness.

The March 5 Evening Sun did an excellent job of detailing federal agencies' glut of computers and waste of billions of dollars. Unfortunately, this publicity will blow over and no change will occur. If the media were really doing responsible reporting, they'd keep attention on such poor performance until President Clinton and Congress did something about it.

Also, the media have spent much print and air time reporting what the politicians are saying about the proposed budget/deficit reduction. I don't want to hear politicians' biased stories, unless I also have facts and logical, believable impact evaluations. What we get is a lot of either cheerleader rah-rah or incomplete and sometimes misleading information.

For instance, I calculated the impact that the proposed increase in tax on Social Security retirement benefit from 50 percent to 85 percent would have on my wife and me and came up with the figure of $1,620. This will be painful for a couple living in a Baltimore City rowhouse with a 40-year-old roof, heating system, etc.

President Clinton has done a slick job of keeping the magnitude and unfairness of his pain-causing proposals on the QT.

Again, if the media are more objective and patriotic and we all insist on honesty, effectiveness and fairness from Washington, we'll get this country back on the road to greatness.

M.O. Robinson


Robin Hood tax

I regularly work 60 to 70 hours each week. My wife works part-time outside our home and takes care of our children on her "days off." We are both professionals, and because we work so hard our combined incomes makes us "rich," according to Bill Clinton. We have always paid a lot of taxes. The current proposal to raise our taxes is very unfair!

Bill Clinton's plan is nothing more than "Robin Hood economics" -- redefining who the rich are in this country and taxing them heavily to pay for social programs for the poor. All this is packaged in the guise of trying to lower the deficit and increase jobs.

Mr. Clinton will learn that to make the so-called rich of America the scapegoats for what is wrong with the economy will not work.

We work very hard, spend what we earn and help drive the economy. This current proposal will not only curtail our spending but also our investing.

Robin Hood had good intentions too but he was basically a thief -- in fact, "a prince of thieves." This seems to fit Bill Clinton and Congress if they choose to enact the proposed unfair tax plan.

Gary H. Cassel


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