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Rain, snow flood Corkran School classes canceled


Pelting rain and melting snow have penetrated the new roof on Corkran Middle School, flooding hallways and classrooms and prompting school officials to cancel classes today and tomorrow.

"Water has flooded classrooms, damaged carpet and ceiling tiles; the school's totally inoperable," said Jane Doyle, a spokeswoman for the county Board of Education. "The roof is new, which means it's under warranty . . . we have to call the company that installed the roof. We don't want any measure we take to violate the warranty."

Classes were to resume two hours late today for all other county students, including those at Chesapeake Bay Middle School, which was having the opposite problem from Corkran Middle School -- lack of water. "It seems 450,000 gallons of water were released from fire hydrants by vandals," Ms. Doyle said. "But we've worked everything out with the fire department, and there's plenty of water for the complex now."

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