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A month or so ago I mentioned that I thought winter was one of the very best things to love about Maryland. I believe I said, "There's never so much snow . . ."

That was before February happened, with all the fun of a New England winter, the endless game of "dryer disco."

But I'm tired of snow. I don't care if this is the "snow of the century," the winter of the century, whatever. This is March, the groundhog saw his shadow (now native Marylanders understand why Northerners cheer if the sun shines on Feb. 2), and it is time for spring.

I take it back!

"April Showers" is a lovely thought to those of us who prefer rain blizzards. So here's congratulations to Libby Glaub, a seventh-grader, who dreamed of lithesome, sparkling rain in the dead of winter and named the April 2 dance for Sykesville Middle School students.

"We had a contest to name the dance," said Laurie Jones, who organized the dance with fellow Lionbacker Jackie Taylor. "We thought we'd stir up a little interest before it happened."

A box was placed at the school in Sykesville Middle School to catch the suggestions for a great name.

"We had quite a few submissions," Ms. Jones said, "we liked "April Showers" the best."

The event will happen at Liberty High School from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sponsored by the Liberty Lion backers, parents of Liberty High School athletes, the dance will have music by Disc Jockey Bryan Berndt of Music Pak as well as a limbo contest, a line dance contest and a dance contest.

"We're hoping this will be the event of the season," Ms. Jones said, "it's something a little bit different and there's not all that much for kids that age to do."

What's the catch? To get in, you have to have a ticket. They'll be available for $4 during lunch Friday, March 22 and 31 or pay $5 at the door and hope there's a ticket waiting.

Information: Ms. Jones, 781-7092, or Ms. Taylor, 795- 8243.

Easter is just around the corner, and Wesley Freedom United Methodist Church is in the spirit with a Lenten series that will culminate March 28. For five weeks, the church has sponsored covered-dish dinners followed by speakers for the congregation.

"This is a really terrific Lenten program," said Mary Ann Reese, a church member. "It really gets you into the spirit. It was a great idea, really well done."

Usually Sunday school teachers have taken care of the children while their parents enjoyed the speakers, but for the programs on Sunday and March 28 there will be hired baby sitters because no one wanted to miss the lectures.

"We felt it was so important to hear these speakers that we just decided to let everyone come," said Lois Anske, a member who helped to organize the Lenten series.

Notices has been sent to other churches, of all denominations, to extend the invitation to the general public.

On Sunday, at 6:30 p.m., Linda Stromberg of the Carroll County Health Department will address the congregation and other members of the community on "AIDS 101: Learning About It, and the Christian Front." The Methodist Youth Fellowship, for young adults in junior and senior high school, has been encouraged to participate.

Susan White Bowden, the author of several books on methods of dealing with grief, will deliver a message of hope in her discourse on March 28 at 6:30 p.m.

"We were trying to address the issue of loss, through death, divorce or other causes," Ms. Anske said. "We had heard she was a great speaker on this topic."

Information: 795-2777.

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