A rap send-upMOVIES"CB4" is best thought of...


A rap send-up


"CB4" is best thought of as a series of sketches on the general topic of rap in America. It's quite funny if you don't expect too much, as it chronicles the way in which three mild, middle-class kids (Chris Rock, Allen Payne and Deezer D) penetrate the higher reaches of fame and prosperity by pretending to be "gangsta" rappers. If you expect a story, you'll be sorely disappointed, as director Tamra Davis consistently fails to bring any part of the narrative off. But the parody is right on and very funny. R. ** 1/2 .

Young Indy is back with some help from the old Indy tonight at 8 on WJZ (Channel 13). George Lucas' "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles" returns from hiatus on ABC. And, if you are a fan, you better catch the series this month and next, because there's no way it's coming back next year with its price tag of $2 million an episode. Young Indy (Sean Patrick Flannery) travels to Chicago of the 1920s tonight where he learns about jazz. Harrison Ford, the adult Indy of feature films, makes a cameo.

David Zurawik

'Of Mice and Men'


John Steinbeck's stage adaptation of his novel, "Of Mice and Men," is a bit slow in the early going, but Theatre Hopkins' production conveys the tension at the core of this drama about the extremes of human nature, ranging from friendship and loyalty to cruelty and revenge. As directed by Suzanne Pratt, the story of friendship between two itinerant farmhands avoids sentimentality, ending on a note that, while sad, is also uplifting. Final performances of the run are tonight at 8:30 and tomorrow at 2:15 p.m. in the Merrick Barn at Johns Hopkins University. Tickets: $7.50, $10. (410) 516-7159.

Judy Rousuck

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