Northeast High School students to perform 'Pippin' this weekend PASADENA


An evening of musical comedy will hit the stage at Northeast High School at 7 o'clock tonight and tomorrow night as the Drama Club presents a revival of the Broadway hit "Pippin."

Set in the early years of the Holy Roman Empire that's not so holy and Roman, "Pippin" is based on historical fact.

"Emperor Charlemagne and his son Pippin [Pepin actually] were real; but any semblance to historical reality disappears after that fact," director Ron Price said.

Pippin is the story of a young man, fresh out of college, who wants to find himself. On his quest, he is aided by family, friends and a group of actors who take him on a journey to mystic and exotic places.

Heading this talented new cast are Jason Yannuzzi as Pippin; Jeremy Funk as Charlemagne; Shiela Russo as Fastrada; Jason Taylor as Lewis; Brittany Anderson as Berthe; Lori Frank as Catherine; and Andrea Williams as the Leading Player. The part of Theo will be played by Jonathan Yannuzzi, a fourth-grader at Solley Elementary School.

The troupe includes Angie Alexander, Autumn Ambrose, Bill Harrison, Donnie Harrison, Kelly Messerschmidt, Jake Miller, Stacey Niemann, Chris Saba, Shane Stenner, Liz Sexton, Patricia Stanfield and Dawn Tabor.

Joining the ensemble are three seventh-graders from George Fox Middle School: Lori Leimbach, Jessie Russo and Keli Sawyer.

Tickets will be available at the door.

For more details, call 437-6400.


Children in the Pasadena area are invited to participate in the county public library's third annual "Link Up for Library Week" reading program that will start on Monday and continue until April 24.

Each time they read a book between those dates, children can write down the title, author, and their name and phone number on a colorful slip of paper, available at the Riviera Beach Library. Paper links can be made at home, too.

During National Library Week, April 18-24, the strips will be turned into paper reading chains, signifying the important link between children and books. All slips must be dropped off before April 24.

Youngsters participating will receive a bookmark from McDonald's and will have a chance to win a fun-filled activity book, free pizza at Pizza Hut, bowling at Fair Lanes, a pass to the Arundel Swim Center in Annapolis or a round of miniature golf at Severna Park Golf Center.

At the end of the program, chains will be measured, links counted, and the results of youngsters' reading efforts will be announced.

Last year, county youngsters read nearly 50,000 books, contributing enough strips to make a chain almost three miles long, library spokeswoman Diane Rey said. Youngsters in the Pasadena area contributed 2,350 links (470 feet) to the effort.

The program is free.

Need to know more? Call the Riviera Beach Library at 222-6285.


Spring cleaning the garage? Maybe you have an old lawn mower or small outboard motor gathering dust. Well, the technology department at Chesapeake High School will be glad to take those items off your hands.

The small motors are incorporated into electronics, power and energy, and automotive technology courses. You can receive a tax deduction for your donation.

For more details, call 255-9600, ext. 228 between 7:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. on school days.

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