Commissioners renew model plane permitCarroll commissioners voted...


Commissioners renew model plane permit

Carroll commissioners voted Monday to allow the Westminster AeroModelers Club to continue flying for another year near the John Owings Landfill -- except on the first Sunday of every month.

The county's Recreation and Parks Board recommended last month that the club not be allowed to fly on one Sunday a month, after neighbors complained about noise from the radio-controlled planes.

The club's county permit had expired Dec. 31.

Commissioner Donald I. Dell said he wasn't satisfied with the recommended compromise and said the club should not be allowed to fly on any Sunday. But members said Sunday was one of the most popular days for flying.

Club members have been flying near the closed landfill, which is off Route 97 north of Westminster, since August. The county plans to move the airstrip to the top of the landfill, farther away from residents, in a couple of years.

Mr. Dell suggested that club

members look at a county-owned farm near Union Mills as a possible site for an airstrip. The farm, near Kowomu Trail and Rinehart Road, also is being considered as a possible site for an outdoor shooting range.

Shooting range is topic of tonight's meeting

Members of the Carroll County Sportsmen's Association will meet with Union Mills residents tonight to talk about building an outdoor shooting range in the area.

The meeting is at 7:30 p.m. at Charles Carroll Elementary School, 3719 Littlestown Pike.

Club members want to hear from residents about building a shooting range at a county-owned farm near Kowomu Trail and Rinehart Road, said Richard J. Soisson, acting director of the county Recreation and Parks Department.

The farm is about 70 acres, he said. The county has purchased land in the area for a reservoir.

Sportsmen have been working with the county to find a site for a shooting range for some time. Last summer, South Carroll residents objected to establishing a range at the Hoods Mill Landfill." The county also is considering changing its zoning laws to allow indoor shooting ranges.

County approves Tyrone Rd. bridge bid

The county Department of Public Works opened nine bids -- ranging from $267,023 to $447,981 -- for repair work on the Tyrone Road Bridge yesterday.

Thomas Bennett & Hunter Inc. of Westminster was the apparent low bidder for the replacement work on the bridge, which is 1.2 miles north of Route 140 in Tyrone. Their estimate was about $33,000 below the $300,000, budgeted by the county for the project.

"We may have saved some money on this project and have enough in the budget for contingencies," said Keith Kirschnick, Public Works director.

The existing 16-foot wide bridge is hazardous to the traffic which enters it from a 20-foot road, said Deborah Butler, an engineer with the department. The contractor will tear out the old structure and put in a new one. Work can begin in about eight weeks, she said.

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