From The Sun March 7-13, 1843March 8:...


From The Sun March 7-13, 1843

March 8: A correspondent complains of the practice of crying the hour at night, which our watchmen do under a municipal

requirement, as part of their duty.

March 9: A boy named Morris Morrison was stabbed on Tuesday evening near the corner of Holliday and Fayette Streets, by another youth named John McAleese, with a dirk knife, causing a very serious and probably fatal wound.

From The Sun March 7-13, 1893

March 7: The Colored Odd Fellows in Maryland celebrated their semi-centennial yesterday at Nazarite Hall, North Calvert Street.

March 8: Mr. John McHenry has notified the county commissioners that the road leading from his home to Pikesville Station, on the Western Maryland Railroad, called Catholic Church Lane, is in bad condition on account of the mud.

From The Sun March 7-13, 1943

March 7: Few orders were placed for the more than 4,000 new automobiles which are in the hands of Baltimore dealers and which were made available for sale yesterday by a relaxation of OPA rationing regulations.

March 8: "The Scorched Earth," a full-length documentary film now at the Newsreel Theater, is offered as visual evidence of some of the misdeeds for which the Japanese some day will have to answer.

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