Robert A. Handy


I was born in Harford County almost 40 years ago, and have lived in the Bel Air area since age 6 . . . I have been an educator in Harford County since 1976. I live in the town of Bel Air. I work in the town of Bel Air. My children attend school in Bel Air. I am associated with my father in a retail store on Hickory Avenue in Bel Air. . . .

If elected, I promise you that I will:

* Keep your needs at the forefront as the growth of the Bel Air area places increased emphasis on providing needed services for residents.

* Do everything within my power to keep the Bel Air library at its present location and to encourage improvements and expansion this facility.

* We must take all reasonable steps to keep business in Bel Air and to encourage others to establish business within the town limits . . .

* Work to maintain and develop recreational areas that promote a positive community climate.

* Try hard to promote more efficient use of the Bel Air parking garage.

* Set up a line of communication so that you may present problems/concerns to me informally and I will present them, as applicable, to the town board.

I believe that the town of Bel Air . . . should be a place where each of us can find the satisfaction and warmth which comes from being a member of a strong community with a caring town government.

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