Mark S. Decker


On Tuesday, Bel Air will elect three of five commissioners to serve on our Board of Town Commissioners. I am writing to request that Bel Air voters support my re-election to the board.

Bel Air currently has the highest quality public services and the lowest tax rate of Harford County's three municipalities. This is largely due to the responsible management of Bel Air's town commissioners, who have:

* Maintained a sound and disciplined approach to budgeting.

* Encouraged orderly and harmonious growth to expand our tax base.

* Improved the quality of our public services.

* Enhanced the level of professionalism among our town employees.

* Maintained an aggressive maintenance and repair program for our sidewalks, streets, equipment and infrastructure.

With the retirement of Commissioners Pat Goles (9 years) and Phil Raub (9 years), the next town board will be largely comprised of new commissioners. It is more important than ever that Bel Air elects a commissioner who pledges continuity, and offers proven, reliable leadership. It is also important that Bel Air elects a commissioner who takes the time to listen to you, and your concerns.

As endorsements by former town mayors June Weeks and Geoff Close attest, I will maintain continuity on your Board of Town Commissioners. I will continue to maintain an open mind and an "open door," both at home and at work, to hear your concerns. I will continue my efforts to maintain and improve the quality of your public servants, and your public services. . . .


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