David Carey


I am running for town commissioner because I believe that we can make Bel Air an even better place to live, by providing its citizens with a more responsive Board of Commissioners that conducts the affairs of the town openly, and solicits input from all of its residents.

By going door to door throughout Bel Air in support of my candidacy, I have met many of the town's residents. I have come into contact with many more as a practicing attorney on Main Street with Brown, Brown and Brown, and as a board member in my community association. The friendliness of the people I have vTC met and their clear concern for the future of Bel Air is what has motivated me to seek this office. With the town's population continuing to grow and its merchants facing increased competition from outside the town, I feel it is more important than ever that we elect commissioners who are ready to lead Bel Air into the future, while not losing touch with its people, who are, after all, the reason that Bel Air is such a wonderful place in which to live. . . .

If there is an issue that concerns you or if you would just like to discuss the future . . . , I would be happy to talk with you. In both seeking and holding office, the importance of input from the community cannot be overemphasized. Please feel free to call me at work, 838-5500, or at home, 836-7864. I welcome the opportunity to discuss the issues, and hope to meet and speak with many of you before the election.

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