THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

Joe Brooks


. . . I feel confident that I possess the necessary management skills and have the time to devote to the governing of our community. I hold a master's degree in business and have held a number of senior management positions as a civilian and as an Army general officer. One relatively recent example was my involvement in the mobilizing of reservists to operate the nation's seaports for Desert Storm, thus allowing for the deployment of all of the equipment for our fighting forces. . . .

With the citizens' help and trust I would endeavor to support the following:

* A safe place to live with a viable police force and a responsive fire-emergency protection program.

* A drug-free environment with solutions to situations such as the recent LSD incidents (at Bel Air High School.)

* A voice for the owners of businesses in Bel Air although their residences are outside the city limits.

* A lobbyist for the senior citizens with the thought of complementing the county services.

* Defending against outside influences that impact on the town such as moving the branch library.

* Reaching a decision on an East-West route across town to ease the gridlock of Business Route 1.

* Resolving the trash disposal tipping fee.

* Coming to grips with the proposed ball field on the Hoza property.

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