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50 Years Ago* Germantown-Homewood residents are trying...


50 Years Ago

* Germantown-Homewood residents are trying to raise $225 to pay for their own air raid siren. Before it was installed, residents could only hear the Annapolis sirens if the wind was from the east or northeast. -- Anne Arundel County Kuethe Library files, Feb. 3, 1943.

* Some 160 men of Anne Arundel County and the Naval Academy have passed the War Department's bomb recognition course and will receive certificates. -- The Sun, Feb. 4, 1943.

* The war industry has brought approximately 15,000 people into Anne Arundel County in the last two years. Thousands of these are living in flimsy summer shacks or in hastily assembled trailer camps. The situation has created a serious public health problem, according to Dr. William J. French, health director. -- The Sun, Feb. 20, 1943.

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