Around the house* Center top sheet quickly...


Around the house

* Center top sheet quickly when making the bed. Fold lengthwise and align the crease in the center of the mattress, using the middle portion of the headboard as a guide.

* Hand-wash foam pillows in mild detergent; rinse and roll in a thick towel to remove excess water. Air-dry away from heat.

* When stacking dishwasher, be sure to separate stainless steel, silver or silver-plated flatware. If placed in basket together, stainless steel can cause the silver to pit or stain.

* Avoid freezing cream cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, sour cream and mayonnaise. When frozen, they separate and lose their consistency.

* Before painting a room, be sure to paint a few test patches. Paint chips can differ from the color that is painted on a larger surface.

In the garden

Water houseplants when soil is dry to the touch; signs of thirsty plants are drooping leaves and limp stems. When watering, allow water to seep through bottom. Plants should not sit in a tray of water for an extended period; this will cause rotting of the roots.

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