Student lands in McTrouble after ordering 600 burgers BALTIMORE COUNTY


Reid Mitnick, a freshman at Towson State University, thought it would be great joke to call McDonald's and order 600 hamburgers. It got funnier when the cops showed up at the door to make him pay up.

Mr. Mitnick, a sports administration major from East Meadows, N.Y., telephoned the Towson McDonald's on York Road last Sunday. He told the Big Mac folks he was the "colonel" and needed 600 hamburgers to "feed his troops" at the local National Guard. "I didn't think they took it seriously," he said.

Imagine his surprise hours later when several Baltimore County police officers showed up and told him he would have to pay for the hamburgers -- or be charged with a crime. How did they trace him? It seems he gave the folks at McDonald's the phone number to the next dorm room.

"That's when I got nervous," he said.

Ever resourceful, Mr. Mitnick went from floor to floor in his 16-floor dormitory tower, taking hamburger orders.

He then went to McDonald's with police and picked up 338 regular hamburgers. The McDonald's staff made all 600, but when they found out they'd been had, they began selling them off to regular customers.

It cost Mr. Mitnick $98.02 for the 338 hamburgers (on sale for 29 cents each), but he says he had no trouble unloading them on his hungry fellow students. "I had them all sold within 10 minutes. I got my money back," he said, somewhat proudly.

No charges were filed, because Mr. Mitnick paid for the burgers.

Why did he do it?

"That's the way I am," he said, laughing. "We're a wild bunch of guys."

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