Health agency requests $1.9 million


Carroll's Health Department needs $1.9 million from the county for the coming fiscal year, health officials said yesterday.

The request is about $500,000 less than the amount the county contributed in the current fiscal year. In the fall, the county gave the department an extra $483,045 to save 16 programs that would have been eliminated as a result of state budget cuts.

Health officials said they expect the state to pay for the programs in fiscal 1994, which begins July 1.

Carroll commissioners met yesterday with health officials, Budget Director Steven D. Powell and Budget Analyst Jeff Topper to discuss the proposed budget.

The department's request includes $14,000 to upgrade and change computer software in the accounts receivable department and $22,000 to replace two vehicles that each have more than 95,000 miles.

The commissioners are meeting with department directors to review budget requests. The commissioners must cut $3.4 million in requests for fiscal 1994.

County agencies have asked for $128,158,080, but revenues are projected to be only $124,779,695. Commissioners also heard from four other agencies, which asked for the same amount of county money received this year.

* Carroll County Association for Retarded Citizens -- $23,520.

* Target Inc. -- $19,210.

* Carroll County Historical Society -- $15,000.

* Maryland Historical Society -- $1,500.

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