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If grocery store moves, union pact goes with it NORTH--Manchester * Hampstead * Lineboro


If the Super Thrift grocery store moves from North Carroll Plaza across Route 30 to the proposed Oakmont Green retail center, current employees and their union will move with it, according to union and management officials.

Mike Cutsail, store manager, said the new union contract says that if the store moves, the union goes along.

The contract also states that current employees will be kept on with their seniority and current pay rates in place, he said.

Mary Shaffer, shop steward for Local 27 of the United Food and Commercial Workers, also said the three-year contract ratified in November provided for the union to accompany the store if it moves across Route 30.

She said she did not yet have a written copy of that contract.

However, George Miller, union representative at the United Food and Commercial Workers office in Towson, said the union had received a signed memorandum of agreement to that effect.

Hampstead Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman Arthur Moler said that some Super Thrift employees had opposed the Oakmont Green retail center in its early stages, fearing that the new grocery store would not be unionized. He said the complaints stopped when the new contract was ratified.

Mr. Cutsail said the need for a larger, more modern store was one reason the business might move.

Chris Ahearn, a spokeswoman for Scrivner Inc. of Oklahoma City, which owns Super Thrift, declined to comment on reasons for the move. She said it would be some time before any move was made.

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