Frall seeking estimates for finishing Tall Oaks


The developer of the Village of Tall Oaks is seeking cost estimates for completing unfinished work in the subdivision, Mount Airy officials said last night.

Town Council President R. Delaine Hobbs said the developer, James M. Frey, president of Frall Developers Inc. of Mount Airy, and Laurie Hager, vice president of the Village of Tall Oaks Homeowners Association, had met to discuss the work that needs to be done.

The homeowners' association wants the developer to place fencing around sediment-control ponds, erect other missing fences, eliminate problems with an underground spring so a sidewalk does not continually flood, and complete landscaping and tot lots.

Ms. Hager has said the cost of the work has been estimated at $50,000.

The association also wants the Mr. Frey to reimburse it $5,000 for a tot lot the group built.

"We should hear something [from Mr. Frey about completing the work] sometime this month," Mr. Hobbs said.

The association has been trying for four years to have unfinished projects completed in the 121-home development off Route 144.

Months back, the builder offered to turn over to the association some of the $20,000 he had posted as a bond, when the town authorizes its return, so the association could arrange to complete the work.

The homeowners said that was not enough to pay for what needs to be done.

In January, the nonprofit group presented a list of items to the council, trying to pressure the officials to resolve the matter.

In February, the council ordered the developer to complete the work or face legal action. The council asked that Mr. Frey inform them of his plans by March 1, or an agreed-upon date, and complete the work within 90 days.

At issue had been who is responsible for the work -- Mr. Frey or a builder he had hired for some work in the subdivision.

The council placed the responsibility on Mr. Frey.

Association members also have asked to be invited to future meetings town officials conduct concerning the development.

The town's attorney, Charles Fisher, said last night that Ms. Hager has been invited to any meetings the town has with Mr. Frey.

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