3 fingers lost to snow blower

A 67-year-old Long Reach man had three of his fingers amputated Friday afternoon when he reached into a self-propelled snow blower to unclog it, said Battalion Chief Donald R. Howell, the county's fire and rescue services spokesman.

Elwood Scott of the 8500 block of Davis Road was taken to Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore for treatment following the accident shortly after 2 p.m. Friday, Mr. Howell said.

Mr. Scott was released Friday evening from the hospital's hand therapy clinic after portions of fingers on his right hand were reattached.

Mr. Scott was using the snow blower to clean his driveway when the side discharge chute became clogged with ice, Mr. Howell said. Believing he could clean the snow blower without turning it off, he reached inside it to unclog it.

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