Abortion Under A New GovernmentOn the first...


Abortion Under A New Government

On the first day of the new Congress, the "Freedom of Choice Act" (FOCA) was re-introduced. While some proponents of FOCA claim that it merely codifies Roe vs. Wade, an examination of the facts shows that it actually goes much further.

The American Civil Liberties Union, one of the leading supporters of the bill, stated in its recently published handbook, "Civil Liberties in the 102nd Congress," that parental notification and consent requirements would be prohibited by FOCA.

Considering that the U.S. Supreme Court has found parental consent and notice requirements to be consistent with Roe vs. Wade in the past, such as in Planned Parenthood vs. Ashcroft in 1983, the claim that FOCA merely codifies Roe vs. Wade would appear to be inaccurate.

. . . Should not public policy support, rather than pre-empt, parental authority and responsibility for the moral and physical well-being of children? . . .

Charles R. Serio


Holiday Sharing

The Holiday Sharing Program has just completed its 13th year operation and would like to give credit for its successful season to the many businesses, churches, community organizations, government agencies and private citizens of our county who take the time to help others in the true spirit of the holidays. This program would not be such a success without the generous support of our community.

Our special thanks to the Auxiliary of the Anne Arundel County Medical Society for all its wonderful volunteer help; county schools, such as Broadneck, Shipley's Choice, Annapolis, Key and Severn, whose students took the time and energy to help many families; newspapers who gave us good coverage in making the public aware of the program; community organizations, such as the Jaycees, Annapolis Lions, Elks, Optimist Clubs, Boy Scouts, YWCA, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies and churches, including St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Mary's, Seventh Day Adventist, the Christian Assistance Program, Harundale Presbyterian, Our Lady of the Chesapeake, SPAN, Wesley Grove U.M.C.; also, all the banks, hospitals, government agencies, car dealers, airlines, medical offices, attorneys, insurance companies, hotels, truck companies, engineers, restaurants, malls and the Anne Arundel Trade Council. A special thanks to Broadneck Nursery for donating Christmas trees and delivering to many families in the county. . . .

In all, 1,831 families were helped at Thanksgiving with food and 2,846 families were helped at Christmas with food, clothing and toys. We know all of the 800 donors made a difference in the lives of our families and we thank you for your support.

Christine H. Poulsen

Imelda Herzinger


The writers are, respectively, coordinator of volunteers and special projects for the Anne Arundel County Department of Social Serv ices and auxiliary project chair from the Anne Arundel County Medical Society.

Chorale Aid

On behalf of Anne Arundel General Health Care Systems Inc., I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Annapolis Chorale for its continued support of Anne Arundel Medical Center.

The Chorale, under the direction of J. Ernest Green, presented an outstanding performance of "A Celebration of Christmas" . . .

Carl A. Brunetto


The writer is president of Anne Arundel Health Care Systems Inc.

The Continuing Harassment Of Dr. Shamim

I was horrified to read about the ongoing harassment of Dr. Ahmad Shamim of Laurel.

Dr. Shamim's nutritional holistic practice is precisely what we need if we are determined to solve the health care crisis. Disease prevention should be our top national priority.

I only wish that more caring and conscientious doctors were not afraid of the medical disciplinary boards and would adopt a nutritional preventive approach in their practices.

. . . I am so saddened to see so many elderly people getting so many harmful drugs and unnecessary procedures and tests, and then ending up in nursing homes for more medical mistreatment while being away from their loved ones. In my 86 years, I have always been afraid of chemical drugs and too many x-rays. I have preserved my good health and vitality only by good nutrition and proper vitamins and minerals, and by trusting the physicians who . . . strive to do no harm to their patients.

If this "Board of Physicians" has any clout and power, it should put it to good use by advocating nutrition education in medical schools, rather than intimidating the doctors who use nutrition .. education in their practices.

nne Beavington



As a grateful patient of Dr. A. Shamim of Laurel, I would appreciate if you allow me to register my strong protest against the unjustified and unexplained suspension of his license. . . .

Dr. Shamim is the only physician who has been able to help me. For years I tried several mainstream and conventional doctors for my chronic, severe leg pains. After taking all their pain-killing and anti-inflammatory drugs, and especially after having so many unnecessary x-rays for no reason at all, I was left disappointed and frustrated. Thanks to the side effects of drugs and x-rays on my immune system and digestive system, I had acquired new health problems like a sinus condition, allergies, chronic fatigue and a stomach problem. Then I got lucky and was referred to Dr. Shamim for nutritional methods of treatment.

Under Dr. Shamim's dietary regimen and vitamins, minerals, enzymes and some vitamin injections, I have regained my health. . . . I feel well and I can lead a normal life and I do intend to continue my medical care under Dr. Shamim's supervision. We desperately need more doctors like him.

Al Maniie


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