Grammys a Garry Shandling show


Though the Grammy Awards treat music as an influential force, it's mostly fun and games for jokester Garry Shandling, host of the ceremony for a third time.

"If I can only convince the Grammy winners to take a long walk down the runway as I sing, my dream will be fulfilled," Mr. Shandling joked.

Like the rest of the nation's baby boomers, Mr. Shandling grew up in the rock rebellion of the '60s. "It's very odd for me to experience rock and roll music becoming main stream as we get older. The anti-establishment generation is becoming the Establishment," the comedian said.

Admittedly a rock, jazz, new age and occasional rap fan, Mr. Shandling will depend on his dry brand of humor to entertain the crowd between acts and speeches at the 35th annual Grammy Awards ceremony from the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles Wednesday night.

"I don't personally place much importance on receiving an award," noted Mr. Shandling, whose HBO comedy series "The

Larry Sanders Show" earned a recent ACE Award.

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