Kramp recovering from heart attack


Jack Kramp, the veteran Anne Arundel Umpires Association chief, suffered a heart attack Wednesday night, but is resting comfortably in the coronary unit at North Arundel Hospital.

Kramp, who turns 37 on Monday, has had a history of back problems preventing him from umpiring, but no prior heart problems. He said he experienced his heart attack upon arriving at the hospital.

L "I was having back spasms and got one real bad," said Kramp.

"After taking my pulse a couple times and getting nothing, my heart started to flutter, and I decided to go to North Arundel. I was only there about 20 minutes and my heart started fluttering real fast and I had the heart attack."

Kramp said he felt better yesterday and did not know how long he'd be in the hospital. He said he was encouraged by the initial prognosis from doctors, who told him the condition was treatable with medicine.

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