Good spirits abound at benefit for Parents Anonymous


Sixteen people with discriminating palates gathered at the Milton Inn last night for a $500-a-person wine-tasting to benefit Parents Anonymous of Maryland.

World-renowned wine expert Robert Parker, publisher of the Wine Advocate who was recently knighted by the French government, joined Bob and Debbie Schindler (he owns Pinehurst Gourmet & Spirit Shop on Bellona Avenue), Libby and Tom Broadus, Donna and Don Barrick, Wickie and Mack Plant, Gary Schatz, Lisa and Dave Askin, and Jan and Bruce Arminger.

The guests were served the rare wines of Marcel Guigal's La Landonne from 1978 to 1988, which were donated to the fund-raiser, and enjoyed divine food provided by the Milton Inn.

Since 1974, Parents Anonymous has worked to preserve Maryland families with myriad programs.


When Bill Clinton was campaigning in Baltimore last March, one his stops included a game of pool at American Joe's Bar in Canton. The bar's owner, State Sen. American Joe Miedusiewski, was delighted to renew the new president's acquaintance recently.

He and his wife, Pat, attended the Democratic Governor's Association Dinner in Washington Monday, where President Clinton was the speaker. After dinner, the Miedusiewskis, who were with City Councilman Tony Ambridge, hoped for a chance to speak to the president.

As they got close to him, it looked as if he were leaving, so American Joe shouted, "Mr. President, you shot pool in my bar."

The president --ed over to him and said, "American Joe, we had a great time, didn't we?" and gave him a big bear hug. Pat, who was behind her husband, said, "I'm his wife," so Clinton gave her a big kiss.

"I feel like a changed woman," said Pat, after American Joe asked her the next day how it felt to be kissed by the most powerful man in the world. His response: "Well, how did you feel after kissing Bill Clinton?"


Excitement reigns in the offices of the Save-A-Heart Foundation. Comedian Bill Cosby, best known as Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable on "The Cosby Show," will give a performance to benefit the foundation at 8 p.m. June 19 at the Meyerhoff.

Save-A-Heart (SAH) officials -- concert chairman Philip Willen; Bob Frankel, vice president; honorary chairman Stanley T. Levinson; Chuck Lurie, ticket chairman; and Jeffrey Pritzker, president, began pursuing Cosby last September. He finally inked the deal this week.

Another four-star name, James W. Rouse, chairman of the Enterprise Foundation in Columbia, will receive the foundation's 1992 Humanitarian Award that evening.

L For ticket information, call Save-A-Heart at (410) 653-3131.

The British frigate HMS Battleaxe, one of the vessels author Tom Clancy used as a model for his novels "Red Storm Rising" and "The Hunt for Red October," is docked at the Inner Harbor this weekend.

Clancy will get a VIP tour of the ship today before he takes off for the Hunt Valley Inn to play indoor golf to benefit the Leukemia Society.

The frigate's visit is sponsored by Op Sail and CSX and is open free to the public from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. to 5

p.m. Sunday.


More than 160 of the top names of baseball gathered at the Engineer's Club last week to toast and roast Bob Brown, the Orioles longtime public relations director.

The Orioles Advocates, led by Tom Hessenauer, Jim Hedrick, and Bill Schofield, came up with the idea of honoring Brown for nearly four decades of work in baseball.

Bob's wife, Jay, played an integral role in helping with the surprise party, and his old friend, Bud Freeman, emceed the festivities, which included introducing some of Brown's successful apprentices -- Rick Vaughn, Charles Steinberg, Julie Wagner, Lee McPhail IV, Mack Barrett, Fran Minakowski, John Blake, Chris Ely and Brown's two children, Scott and Carolyn.

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