Baltimore's would-be owners pick winners


Does being able to pick the winner of the Super Bowl qualify you to own a National Football League franchise? If you think it does, here are the choices of key members of the three groups vying to bring the NFL to Baltimore:

Tom Clancy

I like Jerry Jones, the Cowboys' owner. His team is young and talented. I look for the Cowboys to be the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1990s or as successful as the Cowboys used to be in the glorious times of Landry and Staubach. But my call is Buffalo over Dallas. The Bills are still riding on the emotions of the comeback over Houston. Sorry, I can't give a point spread. It just might be construed as advocating gambling.

Whatever happens, I also promise never to blow up the Super Bowl again, as in the "Sum of All Fears," fictionally or factually. Seriously, I'm looking forward to this being one of the more memorable Super Bowls from the competitive aspect.

Bryan Glazer

The Bills will win, 30-17. I think they're a team of destiny. With everything that happened in the playoff game, I think it's a good year for them. I think their experience will help them. They're here for business. Dallas may be having too good a time. You hate to see a team be stuck with the loser label. Being from Rochester, it would be nice to see the Bills win.

Boogie Weinglass

I think Buffalo may win, even though Dallas is the obvious favorite, because of the way it peaked coming into the Super Bowl. With Thurman Thomas sure to find his helmet this year on the opening play, I think the team had enough after losing two years in a row. I think they have something to prove. Not to mention a guy like Bruce Smith, who's been a dominant player. I think Troy Aikman might find himself a little jittery in his first Super Bowl, whereas Jim Kelly will be right at home. But will the real Buffaloes show up? They've been from one end of the spectrum to the other.

I like Buffalo because it's the underdog. If I was allowed to bet,

which I'm not, I'd go with Buffalo.

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