Bills' Talley keeps his nose out of the Punch Bowl


The annual Super Bowl feeding frenzy descended on Darryl Talley's table yesterday.


Waves of reporters, minicams and boom mikes -- at least six rows deep -- surrounded the platform of the Buffalo Bills linebacker during the final round of player interviews before Super Bowl XXVII.

Talley can only hope he gets this much action against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday.


"You want me to stand on the chair and be a table-top dancer?" he said as he skipped onto his assigned platform, dressed in T-shirt, shorts and a smile.

What the assembled media really wanted was the rest of the story, the one that had Talley duking it out with Magic Johnson's bodyguard in a West Hollywood nightspot Sunday night not long after the Bills arrived.

The Fort Worth (Texas) Star-Telegram reported that Talley was punched in the nose by the bodyguard after a shouting and shoving match.

"My nose is fine," Talley said. "All I can tell you guys is, I'm supposedly the guy involved in this thing, and nothing happened. If I'd been in a fight, I'd have some scars or something from it. But I haven't. I was not in a fight. There's nothing to it."

Indeed, Talley's face showed no signs of a punch.

The report alleged that a fracas occurred after Talley and Bills quarterback Jim Kelly had pointed remarks for Johnson at the club.

Kelly said he was at the club, but knew of no such argument. He said he spoke to Johnson for three minutes and Magic "wished me luck."

Nevertheless, Johnson told the Los Angeles Times an incident took place after he left. "I heard there was some pushing and shoving," Johnson told the newspaper. "Anthony [his bodyguard] had talked to Bruce Smith and had told him, 'Why don't you quiet down Darryl?' That was about it. If my guy had hit Darryl, he wouldn't be playing Sunday. There was no fight, believe me."


Talley said he had no angry words with Johnson. When asked if there was any pushing or shoving in the nightclub, he said: "You're in a nightclub, and there's a lot of people in the nightclub. Now, how are you supposed to distinguish [a shove]? So no, there wasn't anything there."