For now, Young a helping hand, but not a candidate at Loyola

Tom Young is at Loyola College as an adviser, a volunteer and a friend, but he isn't a candidate for the Greyhounds' basketball coaching job -- yet.

Tom Schneider resigned as Greyhounds coach Jan. 15, and the next day athletic director and interim coach Joe Boylan left a xTC message at Young's Virginia Beach, Va., home, asking the former Rutgers coach if he wanted to lend the expertise of his 524 victories to Loyola the rest of this season.


The conclusion for some was that Young the assistant coach would become Young the head coach, but he and Boylan said they aren't thinking that far ahead.

"To be honest, I don't know," Young said when asked if he would add his name to a growing list of applicants. "When I called Joe [Boylan] back last week, it wasn't a case of him saying, 'Do you want the job?'


"We haven't discussed the job at all. I spent last night at his home, and we haven't spoken one word about it. If it appears to be a good situation for both of us, then I might be interested. The only reason I'm here is because we're good friends, and I wouldn't want to put Joe in the position where we'd have to put thatfriendship on the line."

It's a relationship that dates back to the beginning of Young's 31-year coaching career, at Catholic University.

"I coached Joe's brother Charlie at Catholic in 1960," Young said. "When I went to American [in 1969], Joe was one of my assistants. He helped me at Rutgers. I'm not saying I'm interested in being the coach here, but I doubt that I'd ever get interested if Joe wasn't the athletic director."

The 1991-92 season was the first Young, 60, didn't coach since 1957-58, when he was a starting guard on the first Maryland team to win an ACC championship. He is an analyst on Atlantic 10 broadcasts.

Yesterday afternoon, Young, who to satisfy NCAA rules is listed as a restricted earnings coach, said he wasn't sure if he would be on the bench for tonight's (7:30) game against Fairfield at Reitz Arena. He's not even sure if he'll be in attendance, because he has a flight out of Norfolk, Va., on Friday morning to do color for Saturday's Rutgers-at-Rhode Island game.

"I haven't looked at the [Loyola] schedule past next Tuesday, but I want to be here as often as I can, enough that I hope I can make a difference," Young said.