Yacht symposium expected to make even bigger splash

The Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium, sponsored by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association and the Naval Academy Sailing Squadron, has a new look for 1993.

The symposium has been expanded to a two-day format and has been moved from the Naval Academy to Maryland Hall. It will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday.


Over the years, the symposium has developed a reputation as a premier forum for presenting sailing yacht design technical information.

It attracts experts in the yacht design field, whose papers provide high-quality, cutting edge information.


Among the topics on this year's agenda are aspects of design for International America's Cup Class yachts, including close looks at the design of Il Moro di Venezia, the development process used in Nippon Challenge's hull design and the design program for Stars & Stripes. Also planned are sessions on IACC surface flow hydrodynamics, appendages, sail forces and elementsof resistance.

The program is divided into four sessions each day, during which participants can choose from two or three different topics.

Nearly all of the Friday sessions and the Saturday afternoon sessions will lead up to a panel discussion of design and construction considerations for the 1992 America's Cup, which will conclude the two-day event.

The panel will include America's Cup researchers, designers and sailors, who will encourage audience questions and discussion.

In addition, there will be sessions on tank testing, sails, cruising and Olin Stephens' notes on the history of sailing ships.

The symposium also will feature an exhibition area at Maryland Hall with presentations by several businesses within the professional sailing community.

Even though the format has been expanded to accommodate the number of topics, particularly those relating to the development of the International America's Cup Class, cost is the same level as last year's one-day event.

The seminar is $45 for members of a sponsoring organization or $50 for non-members. Spouses, dependents or students may attend for an additional $10.


Registration is 8 to 9 a.m. daily, with lunch breaks set for noon to 1:30 p.m.

Catered luncheons are available both days for $10 per person.

& Symposium schedule Friday

Session I, 9-10:20 a.m.: 1. Applications of Relational Geometric Synthesis in Sailing Yacht Design; J. S. Ketchner, D. M. Shook. 2. Refinements in the Techniques of Tank Testing Sailing Yachts and the Processing of Test Data; J. R.


Session II, 10:40 a.m.-noon: 3. SPLASH Free-Surface Flow Code Methodology for Hydrodynamic Design and Analysis of IACC Yachts; B. S. Rosen, J. P. Lalosa, W. H. Davis, D. Stavetski. 4. IACC Appendage Studies; E. N. Tinoco, A. E. Gentry, P. Bogataj, E. G. Sevigny, B. Chance.


Session III, 1:30-3:20 p.m.: 5. Modeling IACC Sail Force by Combining Measurements with CFD; J. H. Milgram, D. B. Peters, D. N. Eckhouse. 6. Toward a Rational Upwind Sail Force Model for VPPs; S. E. Eurle, D. S. Greeley. 7. Numerical Approach to Aeroelastic Responses of Three-Dimensional Flexible Sails; T. Fukasawa, M. Katori.

Session IV, 3:40-5 p.m.: 8. A Review on Il Moro di Venezia Design, M. Caponnetto. 9. The Nippon Challenge America's Cup 1992 -- Progress of Hull Development; Y. Nagami.


Session I, 9-10:20 a.m.: 1. How to Go Cruising; J. O. Hayes, A. M. Hayes. 2. Notes on Sailing Ship History: Academy vs. Shipyard; Olin Stephens II.

Session II, 10:40 a.m.-noon: 3. The A-Class Catamaran: The Development of Serious Fun; R. G. Beadling, W. H. Beadling. 4. Dynamic Performance of Sailing Cruiser by Full-Scale Sea Test; Y. Masuyama, I. Nakamura, H. Tatano, K. Yakagi. 5. Challenges of Cruising the Northeast Coast of North America; E. C. Jordan, M. K. Jordan.

Session III, 1:30-3:20 p.m.: 6. The Partnership for America's Cup Technology, J. A. Gretzky, J. K. Marshall. 7. Stars & Stripes Design Program for the 1992 America's Cup; C. Todter, D. Pedrick, A. Calderon, B. Nelson, F. Debord, D. Dillon. 8. Elements of Resistance of IACC Yachts; J. H. Milgram, F. C. Frimm.


Session IV, 3:40-5 p.m.: America's Cup '92 Panel Discussion; panelists will include researchers, designers and sailing participants in the 1992 America's Cup.