Corporal Peterson to retire from Sheriff's Department


Cpl. Elton Miller "Pete" Peterson, the senior deputy in the Carroll County Sheriff's Department, will retire on Feb. 1.

He was honored by the county commissioners during a ceremony in the county office building yesterday and presented with a plaque and a service pin for his devotion to his job, the department, the county and his country.

The retiree was described at the ceremony as a "good role model" who has improved the department during his tenure.

Corporal Peterson joined the department Aug. 9, 1971. His career as a deputy started in what was then called the Patrol Unit. It is now known as the Service Section.

In December 1977, then-Deputy Peterson was appointed to serve as training officer for the sheriff's department. He also was an instructor at the National Guard Academy.

The deputy was promoted to the rank of corporal in June 1983 after he had learned and worked at many aspects of the department -- law enforcement, court security, civil process, warrant service, investigations, traffic enforcement and direction, and civil defense.

After several years in the Service Section, Corporal Peterson moved to the Correction Section as a supervisor in the control room of the detention center, where he was responsible for the movement of inmates.

Corporal Peterson has received many letters of appreciation from the citizens of Carroll County for his devotion to duty.

Born in Washington in 1931, Corporal Peterson has been married to his wife, Zona, for 35 years. They have five children.

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