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OUR favorite moment Wednesday was captured by...


OUR favorite moment Wednesday was captured by an unforgiving camera as the Clintons prepared to leave Blair House on their way to meet President and Mrs. Bush at the White House.

The president-elect and his daughter appeared, and Chelsea hopped into the waiting limousine. But her father stood looking back to the doorway, calling, we assume, to his wife Hillary.

After several tense comments like "Come on," and "Chelsea's in the car," Mrs. Clinton emerged briskly from Blair House. She and her husband quickly got into the waiting limo and were whisked the short distance to their new home.

It was somehow reassuring to know that even on the most momentous of days, every family encounters scheduling snags.

* * DESPITE THE festivities this week, there was trepidation in some quarters as the nation anticipated the inauguration of the 42nd president of the United States. Not least was the new president's White House staff, busily planning that all-important first power-meeting.

The stumbling block was not an upstart Iraq, the burgeoning federal deficit or even vengeful Republican stragglers, but the White House itself -- nobody on the new staff knew how to get around in the building.

In an interview with CNN, new White House Press Secretary Dee Dee Myers said, "We have our first meeting at 3:30, and it's somewhere in the White House -- I don't know where. We couldn't decide because none of us know our way around there."

Might we suggest that in addition to the holdover foreign-policy Bushies announced earlier this week, the new president retain a White House guide as well?

We hear former Vice-President Quayle may be available.

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