Could some Giants go with Parcells?

BOSTON — BOSTON -- Now that Bill Parcells is coach of the New England Patriots, can some of his former favorite sons with the Giants be far behind? As Parcells exited the hotel ballroom where his news conference was held yesterday, he was asked about free-agent-to-be Lawrence Taylor.

"I don't know," he said. "Good question. We'll see."


How about Phil Simms, another free agent come March 1? "I don't know," Parcells said. "We'll just have to see. Give me a chance to get settled."

Some other loose ends addressed by Parcells:


* On a New York Daily News poll in which fans voted overwhelmingly for the Giants to rehire him: "I'm flattered the fans of the Giants would have an interest in Bill Parcells. I walked the streets for two years in New Jersey and New York and I know what the fans think. But time goes on. I'm a New England Patriot. It's where I started my professional coaching career and where I'm going to end it."

* On his health after heart bypass surgery: "I certainly considered my state of health. I started to feel very good last July after I had my operations and I've felt progressively better. And I know I have enough energy and ability to take on a job like this. It certainly was a consideration, because it's not an easy job. Not the way I intend to do it."

* On his reputation as a players' coach: "I don't look at myself as a players' coach. I look at myself as a guy who tries to acquire players who want to win. When I was in New York, my very best players were team players. Lawrence Taylor. Phil Simms. Mark Bavaro. Carl Banks. Maurice Carthon. That's the kind of guys I want on my team."

* On what he'll tell his new players: "If we win, we all get to stay. If we lose, we all get to go. It's as simple as that."

* On Patriots being a "cursed" franchise: "I'm superstitious, but I'm not that superstitious. I don't think there's any such thing as cursed. A team that was 1-15 three years ago [Cowboys] is in the Super Bowl. You can change curses with Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman."

* On how the Patriots will use the first pick overall in the draft: "I'll take the best guy available. The guy I think can have the biggest impact on this franchise the quickest will be the guy we draft."

* On future Gatorade dumpings with the Patriots: "That was a long time ago. It was a good, fun thing for everybody. I think it was part of Americana for a while. But those players that were dumping it, they've got gray hair now."