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Speaker system makes its debut at the town hall

The Hampstead Town Council, at its monthly meeting on Tuesday, inaugurated a new public address system that will make it easier for those in the audience to hear and at the same time will record the meetings for the town's archives.

"The system has four microphones," said Town Manager John A. Riley, "with one output connected to the tape recorder." The new system has four-hour taping capacity. "Some of our meetings go that long," said Mr. Riley.

There is also a floor microphone in front of the council table that enables speakers to be heard by all those in the town hall.

"We have to work a little on our microphone etiquette," he said. "They're so sensitive that they pick up every sound, so the drumming of a pencil sounds like a beating drum and rustling papers like the wind."

The cost of the new system was $750, said Mr. Riley.


* Baltimore County: Fire units from Hampstead and Manchester units assisted Baltimore County units in a garage fire on Brick Store Road at 7:42 p.m. on Tuesday.

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