Name: Steve Kendall of SevernVolunteer Work/Interests: Mr....


Name: Steve Kendall of Severn

Volunteer Work/Interests: Mr. Kendall, part owner of a Gambrills office-cleaning business, has lived in the county for 14 years.

He is a member of the Provinces Civic Association, where he has served as vice president for the past two years, as well as chairman of numerous committees. He is a past-president and now is vice president of the Jessup Youth Organization. He is co-chairman of the Ways and Means Committee of the Jessup Elementary School PTA, where two of his three children attend.

Mr. Kendall was named "Citizen of the Year" by the Provinces Civic Association for his work in community projects.

He is organizing efforts to renovate Jessup Elementary and to install a sprinkler system throughout.

He said the idea came to him when the county school board acknowledged the need for Jessup Elementary renovations but could not say when they would take place or how long the work would take. Delays could have shut down the school for a year.

Since October, Mr. Kendall has been working with state and county officials, community groups, the Board of Education and individuals to get the job done. Objectives include determining the cause of water seepage in the school's lower level, installing a sprinkler system and new carpeting throughout, putting up interior partition walls in open space areas and air conditioning the cafeteria and gym.

Mr. Kendall hopes to accomplish the objectives this summer with little or no expense to the Board of Education. By recruiting parents and community groups to volunteer labor and getting donations of expertise and building materials, he projects that a few fund-raisers will all but cover costs.

Volunteer's Comment: When asked why he undertook the Jessup Elementary project, Mr. Kendall replied, "Because it needs to be done. You can see and talk to people who see things that need to be done, or you can do them. You can burn a lot of energy complaining, but that doesn't accomplish anything."

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