Lack of commitmentAs a loyal Orioles fan...


Lack of commitment

As a loyal Orioles fan and season-ticket holder, I am deeply disturbed by the ownership and by management's lack of commitment toward improving the team.

The fans are pouring a tremendous amount of money into Camden Yards, and we expect and demand that the ownership reinvest this money to build a championship team.

The Orioles came away from the winter baseball meetings with absolutely nothing.

They should quit being such tightwads and free some of the profits to acquire a decent No. 4 hitter and outfielder.

Getting rid of Bill Ripken is a bonehead decision. What did the Orioles get in return? The old, washed-up, has-been Harold Reynolds.

The Orioles used to be an organization noted for class.

Since the purchase of the team by Eli S. Jacobs, the commitment to excellence has been absent. The fans don't want the Orioles to be Jacobs' business venture. I hope Jacobs sells the team to people who are willing to commit to the city of Baltimore, the fans and the baseball team.

MA The fans don't trust Jacobs one bit. He should sell the team!

Gary C. Schafer

Blacksburg, Va.

Eisenberg forgot Penguins

John Eisenberg needs to locate his other hand so he can count to six ("Bulls still hitch ride on a star," Dec. 18).

The Pittsburgh Penguins, perhaps the most dominant professional sports teams of the '90s, are looking for their third consecutive championship.

Mentioning the Lakers, Pistons, Bulls, 49ers and the Edmonton Oilers and missing the most recent of all repeat champions is a rather glaring oversight.

Chip Winfield


O's should be ashamed

It is appalling the way the Orioles dumped Joe Orsulak and Bill Ripken.

These two wonderful ballplayers were treated poorly, and it stinks!

Joe and Bill put their hearts into baseball and have cared for their fans in Baltimore for many years. So, now we release them as though they never did anything for us? I don't think so.

I salute you, Joe and Bill, and I believe the Orioles organization should be ashamed of what it has done to you.

Jill Mathaney


Frustrated fan

As a fan of the Orioles, I am frustrated with the number of players being coldly dropped from the 1993 team.

First Mike Flanagan, an Orioles hero, then Storm Davis. Then they fired Cal Ripken Sr., along with Bill Ripken, a defensive second baseman, who may not have been MVP but helped out.

This decision broke the hearts of many O's fans. I believe that the Ripken family proved to us the importance of being with family. It was neat to have a ball team that consisted of a father and two sons. The decision to break them apart was a frivolous one.

And now Joe Orsulak, Bob Milacki, Sam Horn, Mark Williamson and Randy Milligan.

These are players who had either been born and raised in Baltimore, or players who have been with the Orioles for quite a while -- they have established homes and families, making Baltimore their nest.

Phyllis H. Abe


Good luck, Joe!

On behalf of all of the members of the Joe Orsulak Admiration Society, I express shock at the Orioles' recent decision to let the "Slak Man" go.

It shows that they do not have the best interest of the fans in mind, only money, money, money.

Joe did his job in a workmanlike manner, never seeking the limelight. His defense complemented the sensational outfield duo of Brady Anderson and Mike Devereaux. His prowess at the plate reminds me of Terry Crowley's.

I, and the other Joe Orsulak fans, will miss him and wish him the best of luck.

Mike Rash


No contender in '93

Recent moves by Orioles officials are inconceivable.

How could they turn their backs on such stalwarts as Cal Ripken Sr., Joe Orsulak, Bill Ripken, Mark Williamson and Randy Milligan?

Obviously, they seem destined for the second division in '93. Hemond, Robinson, Oates, et al., are satisfied by their attention to second-rate or "has-been" players.

@4 Don't look for a pennant contender again in '93!

M. E. Lescure


He's Madden-ing

I agree with what the letter writers had to say in The Sun (Nov. 8-Dec. 13) about TV sports commentators.

John Madden drives me crazy. He's always telling stories about players, what they did and said (who cares).

Then, he goes into his coaching routine (always a coach), drawing pictures and explaining plays. By this time, we've missed a play on the field. He never tells us the score or how much time is left.

I think he should give up announcing and go out on the field and coach because that's what he does every week.

I have a solution for Motor Mouth John. Tape his mouth shut or I can turn off the volume and enjoy the game. Pat Summerall, Frank, Al and Don are great.

Adele Pazdzienski


Stop the Redskins bashing

I would like to welcome Frank Novak of Harmans to the inner circle of the Baltimore Bellyachers. Here we go with another round of Redskins Bashing.

"Troy Aikman's arm was moving forward, so that was an incomplete pass." Well, Frank, Aikman said he was pulling it back and he fumbled it.

"The other bad call . . . was when E. Smith picked up the ball. Four officials allowed the ball to be called a fumble. The ground cannot cause a fumble. The officials let [Danny] Copeland stand and take the ball out of the pile."

Now Frank, I realize that it has been a long time since the Colts left town, but let's get back to basic football. The officials didn't allow the ball to be called a fumble, they ruled it a fumble. Add two points to your score for correctly quoting the ground/fumble rule. This shows that people really do watch the game with the volume on.

But for the life of me, I can't figure out why the officials shouldn't let Copeland stand up and pick up a loose ball. In the NFL, you don't have to be on the ground to pick up a fumble. By the way, Frank, you're not from Texas, are you?

My personal favorite was, "when the game is on the line, the Redskins seem to come out on top." And in the 1950s you could have substituted "Colts" for Redskins. Yes, Frank, the mark of a good team is that when the game is on the line, they come through. This is what makes them champions.

So let's get back to the problems of Baltimore, such as, did we sign the right Ripken for the right amount of money? Can we trade Eli? If we do get a franchise, should they be the ReColts or the Crabs? Does John Buren remind you of Elvis Presley or Elvis Costello?

In closing, Frank, I'd like to say that if you serve cheese with your wine, I'll invite you to a tailgate party at RFK.

Mike Mazor


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