2 more prostitutes report attacks


Two more prostitutes have come forward claiming that former Savage volunteer firefighter James Scott Botschen attacked them last summer.

State police charged Mr. Botschen with the crimes in Anne Arundel County earlier this month. The charges include robbery with a deadly weapon, use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence, assault with intent to rob and battery, according to state police. A preliminary hearing will be held Dec. 30 in Glen Burnie.

The new cases bring the number of Mr. Botschen's accusers to six. Mr. Botschen, who has been charged with assault and sexual offenses in the four other cases, remains in the Anne Arundel County Detention Center without bond.

He was charged this fall with attacking three prostitutes and raping a fourth on consecutive nights last September in Anne Arundel County.

The women described similar incidents in which he allegedly attacked them, sometimes threatening to stab them with a large knife, according to police reports. Mr. Botschen, 31, has pleaded innocent to an 11-count indictment in two of the attacks.

Prosecutors in Frederick County plan to present evidence against Mr. Botschen on a charge of rape to a grand jury in January, said state police Detective Sgt. Ray Wojcik. That charge involves a prostitute who was badly beaten in May 1991.

The following is an account of the two most recent cases, based on state police records:

Mr. Botschen allegedly picked up a 36-year-old prostitute on Governor Ritchie Highway in Anne Arundel County near the Baltimore City line around 5 a.m. June 1.

He allegedly drove her to Levine Road in Anne Arundel, where they had intercourse. After Mr. Botschen paid the woman $40, he pulled a handgun and demanded the money back, according to police records.

She said, "Don't hurt me."

"Just give me the money," Mr. Botschen said, according to the police records.

He allegedly took the money and an additional $60 to $70 of the woman's cash, then struck her in the head with his fist several times.

When a car drove up nearby, he let her go.

About a month later, Mr. Botschen allegedly picked up a 23-year-old prostitute early one morning on Patapsco Avenue in Baltimore.

Police say he drove her to Swan Creek Drive in Anne Arundel County -- the same street where he is accused of attacking four prostitutes on consecutive nights in September.

The two had intercourse, then he allegedly attacked her, police say.

"She's sitting there smoking a cigarette, [and] all of a sudden he grabs her hair," said state police Sgt. Kenneth Ward.

Mr. Botschen allegedly produced a large knife and asked the woman for the money he had paid her. The woman refused, the reports said.

She climbed out of the car with Mr. Botschen still holding her hair, and he dropped the knife and began punching and kicking her, the police reports said. Eventually she broke free.

Sergeant Ward declined to name either woman, saying it would make them more reluctant to testify if they were publicly identified as prostitutes.

Like some of the others, the women did not come forward immediately. Police say that many of them didn't think anyone would believe them.

The 36-year-old woman contacted police after seeing Mr.

Botschen's picture on television news programs after his arrest last September, Sergeant Ward said. Police tracked down the second woman after hearing that she also had been attacked.

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