Coaches tournament sends 300 to matMore than...


Coaches tournament sends 300 to mat

More than 300 wrestlers from nine teams took the mat at last weekend's annual Anne Arundel Coaches Association Junior Wrestling Tournament at Magothy Middle School.

Joe Vasquez of Cape St. Claire captured first place in the 55-pound novice division, finishing ahead of runner-up Lee Trohanis (Crofton) and third-place finisher Billy Grove (Mountain Road Optimist).

Mountain Road's Dennis Gast took first in the 60-pound novice division, followed by Robert Byrd of the Buccaneers. Joe Smith of United Youth Council won the 65-pound weight class, edging runner-up Dennis Dow of Mountain Road and John Davis of the newly formed Raiders Youth Sports Organization.

In the 70-pound novice division, Derik Hammit of Mountain took first ahead of runner-up Joe Brockmeyer (Bucs) and Crofton's Matt Stoy. Dustin Reed of UYC captured the 75-pound novice crown, and Cape St. Claire's Steve Fuller took second.

Navy's Mike Breslin was the winner in the 80-pound novice division, finishing ahead of Severn Athletic Club's David Sullivan and Slate Bond of UYC. Mike Shupe of Cape St. Claire edged runner-up Brandyn Meyers of Navy in the 85-pound weight class. The Raiders' Wes Muhl was third.

Keith Eldridge (SAC) won the 90-pound novice ahead of Billy Valentine of UYC and Justin Parker of Crofton. Crofton's Ryan Harris won the 95-pound novice crown, defeating Arden's Ryan Edwards and third-place finisher John Tepper (MRO).

Crofton's Todd Ryan edged teammate and runner-up Nick Smith for the 100-pound novice title, and Arden's Scott Bardelli took third. Kevin Harris (SAC) won the 107-pound championship, and Navy wrestlers Peter Ludlum and Derek Shaw won the 115- and 122-pound titles, respectively.

Steve Reale of the Severn Athletic Club out-performed teammate Anthony McLardy for the 130-pound title, with Ken Stoy (Crofton) coming in third and Josh Wentz (MRO) in fourth.

Pat Ludlum and Lee Kearns, both of Navy, finished 1-2 in the 137-pound novice division, and Rick Sampson of Mountain Road defeated the Cape's Ben Colter for the 145-pound title.

In the experienced division, Crofton's Nick Alley won the 60-pound crown, followed by runner-up Aaron Herwig (Arden) and Noyl Meyers (Navy). Arden's Ryan Herwig was the 65-pound champion, and Mountain Road's Steve Hall was the runner-up.

Ernie Hill of Crofton outlasted runner-up Josh Boyd of MRO for the 70-pound championship, and Ryan Howard of MRO beat Tony Cooksey of Arden for the 75-pound title. Mike Levasseur (MRO) won the 80-pound title, followed by runner-up Chris Emmerson of Arden and third-place finisher Andrew Nicholson of Navy.

In the 85-pound experienced division, Crofton's Brian Schroeder slipped past Ben Helbig (MRO) and Steve Campbell (Arden). Arden's Jason Hefferman captured the 90-pound title, and Philip Glenn of UYC took second.

Carl Cicchetti III of the Raiders defeated Crofton's Aaron Collins for the 95-pound crown, and Steve Sherman of Arden captured the 100-pound title by defeating teammate and runner-up Bryan Hannie.

Arden crowned three more champions, David Bryan in the 107-pound weight class, Jim Chacon at 122 and Tom Patterson at 130. Crofton's Dennis Gills was runner-up to Bryant and teammate Dan Kachura was second to Patterson.

Lonnie Donner of MRO won the 115-pound title, and Isaac Heartel of Crofton and Jason Miller of Arden claimed the 145- and 137-pound titles, respectively.

Winners in the schoolboy division included Mountain Road's Mike Levasseur (85), Manchester's Randy Holmes (90), John Eastman (100), Hampton's Eddie Davis (107), Mountain Road's Lonnie Donner (115), Chris White (122), Crofton's Isaac Heartel (138), Crofton's Dan Kachura (130) and Manchester's Jason Simons (150).

The Raiders conducted their inaugural Open Wrestling Tournament earlier this month at Marley Junior High. The following is a list of the champions in that tournament:

Bantam Division: 45 pounds -- John Mach (MRO); 50 pounds -- Bruce Dulski (MRO); 55 pounds -- Tyler Graham (Arden); and 65 pounds -- Domien Overstreet (Navy).

Midget Division: 60 pounds -- Mark Sadaka (Arden); 65 pounds -- Ryan Herwig (Arden); 75 pounds -- James Holmes (Manchester); and 80 pounds -- Matt Brandl (Crofton).

Junior Division: 65 pounds -- Tyler Alexander (Manchester); 70 pounds -- Jason Boyd (MRO); 75 pounds -- Ron Howard (MRO); 80 pounds -- Chris Hanlon; 85 pounds -- Clint Day; 90 pounds -- Jason Hefferman (MRO); 95 pounds -- Adam Boog (Manchester); 102 pounds -- John Eastman; 115 pounds -- Miek Schaal (MRO); and heavyweight -- Ron Cooper (Arden).

Indoor soccer

* 12-and-under boys -- The Mountain Road Blue Lightning opened the indoor soccer season last week with a 4-0 win over the Arundel Wings.

Justin Getting and Matt Willis scored two goals each to pace Mountain Road. Fullbacks Dustin Abbey and Billy Adams both provided solid defense in front of goalie Rob Christ.

Water polo

The Annapolis Water Polo Club closed out its fall season with four teams competing at the 1992 Eastern High School Water Polo Championships in Lawrenceville, N.J.

Twenty water polo teams from Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland competed during the three-day championships conducted from Nov. 13-15 at Trenton State University.

The Annapolis boys "A" team, competing in the championship division, finished fourth out of eight team behind Wilson, Greenwich and Hill.

After trouncing Cumberland Valley, 22-7, in the first round, the Annapolis team was unable to maintain the momentum and suffered surprising losses to Greenwich (13-8) and Hill (10-7). High scorers for the weekend were all-tournament team member Justin Werner with 10 goals, Brian Basye with eight and Patrick Donlin with six.

The Annapolis girls team went undefeated throughout the tournament to take first-place honors in their eight-team division.

In the first round of play, Annapolis soundly defeated the Gilman "B" boys team, 21-7. High scorer for the game was Catharine Von Schwarz with seven goals, followed by Maggie Phillips, Serela Mansur and Amy Noble with four each.

Second-round play saw a closer game for Annapolis against the Greenwich "C" boys team. Annapolis won that one, 9-6, with five goals from Noble, two from Phillips and one each from Von Schwarz and Kim Tierney.

In the championship round, the Annapolis girls found themselves faced off against the Annapolis "B" boys team. After a 10-10 tie in regulation, the Annapolis girls were able to pull off a 15-12 victory in overtime. Scoring for the girls team were Noble and Kelly Hauser with three goals each, Phillips, Mansur, Martino and Mandy McAloon with two apiece, and Tierney with one goal.

High scorer for the Annapolis "B" boys team was Bill Bayley with five goals, followed by Bryan Baker with three, and Chris Sheehan, Dave Price, Brodie Kirkland and Brook O'Neil with single goals.

Earlier, Annapolis "B" defeated Lawrenceville girls, 24-2, and Lawrenceville "B" boys, 16-4. Annapolis "C" lost to Lawrenceville "B", 7-6, in the first round, but went on to defeat the Lawrenceville girls, 14-6, and Gilman "B", 11-10.

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